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Natural Affair International was founded in 1997 in Telford, UK by Junior P. Natural Affair specialize in mainly playing Dancehall, Reggae, Soca, RnB, Hip Hop, Garage, Afrobeats, and World Music.

Natural Affair started playing at local parties around the Telford area, and quickly started to make a name for themselves locally.  Everyone wanted them to play at there weddings, chrisenings, and birthday parties.


in 1999 Natural Affair started to take it more serious when they started to promote there own dances within the local community and at the local West Indian Association.  Junior P and 2 Dollar (Hervin) built a good platform within the local comunity and quickly created a following.  It was then Natural Affair was able to promote big dances over the next coming years that featured International Artists and DJ's.


Natural Affair deciced to build a soundsystem.  They went to visit Links Auido (RIP) to design and build a brand new sound system.  


Selector Harley Became a part of the team and quickly started to DJ at local partys. Shortly after Keys and DJ Spike was added.


In 2005 JA Katana formerly of Xcaliber Disco from T&T Joined Natural Affair as an MC, and quickly after we started to make more impact in Clashes and Partys home and abroad.


2009 Squidly Bashment Joined the Team and added more experience as a MC and selector.

Selector Vybz, joined the team in 2017 as a selector and main Engineer.   Cortez  and Remy T joined the team in 2018 Remy T as a MC and also LC as a selector/MC.  This is now the current team along with myself (Junior P) and is a very experienced Team. 


Now known as the Guh Fi Dem Sound Natural Affair International is rapidly getting worldwide recognition within the Reggae Dancehall Industry and have already played and clashed in Europe, Caribbean, Japan and USA to name a few Countries.

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